Show Manager

Mrs P Parrish

42 Borrowfield Rd



DE21 7HD

Assistant Show Manager

Mrs C Robinson

19 Claremont Rd




Schedule & Entry Form Available Below

Hard copies will also be available from Mrs Parrish or Mrs Robinson on receipt of SAE

Closing date for the show extended to 23/10/19 with updates for cats gaining titles at the Supreme these must be with us by 29/10/19

Schedule Corrections and Changes

Class S63 SH Ginger of any Pattern or A/c Tortie Tabby, should be Dr G Eyres

C162 Maine Coon Red Tabby Series Adult - will now be judged by Mrs P Perkins not Mrs D Brown
C220 Maine Coon Red Tabby Series Neuter - will now be judged by Mrs P Perkins not Mrs D Brown

Section 4 Foreign Neuters
Classes 432/433 Should be Grand class 4c AC Bengal, Ocicat, Aztec, or Egyptian Mau Grand Premier M/F
Not Maine Coons

Class Structure Breed Guide

Section 1
Persian & Exotic

Section 2
Birman, Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, Norweign Forest, Somali LH/SH,
Turkish Van/Vankedisi, Maincoon, Siberian, Nebulong

Section 3
British SH/LH , Manx, Selkirk Rex, Chartreux

Section 4
Abyssinian, Russian, Singapura, Korat, Thai, Snowshoe, Cornish Rex
Devon Rex, Sphynx, LaPerm, Bengal, Ocicat, Aztec, Egyptian Mau, Sokoke, Toyger,

Section 5
Burmese, Asian, Tonkinese, Australian Mist

Section 6
Oriental SH/LH Suffolk, Siamese, Balinese

Our Venue

Sutton Leisure Centre, Elton Head Rd, St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 5AU

Please use the contact form below to contact the show manager.

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